Welcome! to our Bamboo Shop

The Idea Behind BambooStuffs

How about enjoying the joy of sharing by adding more greens on the earth while creating opportunities for many others!

Inspired by the above thought, we are doing through my plantation project named One Million Trees Challange, where we are growing one million trees in ten years.

Join me and lets participants in the contribution of clean air to breath, greener in the surrounding and supporting sustainable employment opportunities for a prosperous world.

What we are doing?

  • We want to deliver only the best things for our customers so expect an only quality product from Bamboostuffs.
  • Bamboo has an answer for all three basic needs of mankind, food, shelter, and cloth.  Bamboostuffs is a brand that promotes all the products that come from bamboo. Bamboostuffs shares its profit to create more community bamboo farms so that we can send more employment opportunities to the ruler areas by training them for various kinds of bamboo products.
  • your Bamboostuffs shirts are tailored by the women from Maiti’s shelter (a restoration program by Maiti Nepal) these are the  By purchasing this product you are directly supporting the Maiti Nepal’s restoration projects.

Where we are Planting Trees?

I have planting trees in many places in Nepal, namely in Telkot, Dhulikhel, Begnas Lake, Pokhara, Tistung and Kathmandu.